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RIP: Chinx Drugz' Wife Went To His Side Piece's Baby Shower!!

(from Vladtv)

Since Queens rapper Chinx's untimely passing, several women have claimed to have been in relationships with him unbeknownst to his wife and widow, Janelli Caceres-Pickens. At this time, it looks as if she's had a change of heart, since she was recently spotted taking photos with Patricija Muratovic, the woman carrying Chinx's child.
The photos were uploaded from Patricija's baby shower, to which Janelli happily attended - and according to Pickens' post, she's known about Patricija for quite some time. "What the world thought was breaking news or drama we already knew months ago," Janelli began. "N me you n him were handling it privately and respectfully!" She then went on to write about the times they've gone out to dinner to talk about Chinx's unborn child, a boy to be named Liam.
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