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DAILYMOTION: TwerkTube Promoting Hoes Off Backpage!!

Idk if anyone has ventured onto dailymotion recently, because if you have then you know the hoes got it crackin over there. I guess because Youtube wont allow these types of videos Dailymotion picked up the slack.

Back in the day before brands like Google, Youtube, and Facebook were internet staples they had competition. Google had Yahoo, Facebook had Myspace and ofcourse Youtube had Dailymotion. Sadly, those days of the internet wars are over, and after the dust settled the losers were forced out of the minds of the culture FOREVER! lol

Only one of those losers have re-invented themselves. Dailymotion

Ok, now that we are done with the Lord Of The Rings esque intro, guess what I saw today? Hoes was twerking and advertising their "services" on Dailymotion. I'm not talking about 1 hoe.....naw ...more like 1000's of hoes on Dailymotion right now twerking for you, and for the right price they just might be near enough for a little extra credit.

My nigga Free ( @MeWeFree check him out; he's the real writer) always tells me to add more words. Become a journalist. Well, when I saw this shit I had to write about it.

I guess that is what this blogging this is all about!
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