OBlock RAID!! THF Bayzoo Arrested For Machine Guns!! Is LIL DURK Next To Catch RICO Charges?!?

Brutal Motorcycle Accident Aftermath!! [VIDEO]

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  1. ...I see it's a female rider w/o anything on underneath for some reason. Can't believe people just pass by the remains like it's a mere object.
    I seriously wanna know what just happened. Just HOW can someone SLIDE OFF to END UP LIKE THAT??? ??? Did someone intentionally HIT HER?

  2. ...Look, I know y'all here for voyeurism and I know I am somewhat guilty - but as far as I could reimagine the scene roughly in my head she must've been stationary at the side of the road where she ended up dead, while having parked SIDEWAYS - until a heavy vehicle like a truck hit her. I have NO IDEA why the driver who hit her DID NOT STOP nor why she'd have been parked like that if that was true. I know this is not a venue to be "analyzing", but if shits like this happens in real life at least one person in the room needs be THINKING.


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