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Okkkk......So after he had to sit for a couple months and his album got pushed back, Meek came home to news he was dating Nicki Minaj. That storyline sounds like a big excuse to get lazy and drop some bullshit. I know, trust me. lol. When a nigga come home all he wanna do is party and get pussy. Getting in the lab ain't usually the first priority. That's probably why Meek's album came almost a year after it was originally supposed to drop. Historically pushbacks are a sign of doom, but not for Meek.

 I been tellin everyone they tryna put Meek at the top as the King of this rap shit. The only thing he needs is a truly classic album. This comes very close.

 DWMTM begins with Lord Knows. This is that Meek Mill intro we all knew he would come with. It definitely sets the scene for a dope ass Meek Mill project. Then comes the features. smh. I personally feel that there were too many features on the first half of the album but who can argue with Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Future, Drake, and Swizz Beats. lol. Jump Out The Face and R.I.C.O are obvious standouts, with All Eyes On You serving as the lead single featuring his girl Nicki.

 I started really getting into the album when I Got The Juice dropped.... All a nigga wanted to hear was Meek flex on the industry solo. Sadly, there are only a few more instances on DWMTM where we get to hear that...i.e Check and Stand Up. The second half of the album featured tracks with The Weeknd, Rick Ross, Diddy, and Nicki again. This nigga got everybody on it except Jay-Z and It is definitely his best album to date. The only negative is that the whole game was super thirsty to get on it. Too many features. Sorry Nicki.....

Stand Outs: Jump Out The Face, I Got The Juice, R.I.C.O, Cold Hearted


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