Writer's Call For Fall 2015 | The Trap Radar!!

Street-Certified.net is looking for new writers for the Fall 2015 season and beyond. This position is ideal for journalism students, or for the up and coming blogger. A love for  rap/hiphop is a must.

Areas Of Want
— Op-eds

— Conducting interviews

— Trend-spotting in music and the music business

What and Who We’re Looking For
— Writers with a witty, conversational tone and distinct voice/style.

— Familiarity with HTML and image editing.

— Writers with the time and ability to update multiple times per day. Night shift slots are open but we’re searching people available during the day.

— Some understanding of RSS feeds, Twitter, Google Alerts, etc.

— Familiarity with not only Hip-Hop culture but pop culture is very important.

— An interest in and knowledge of music from different eras and genres; including instrumentation, milestones, production credits, etc.

To answer this call, please email us at [email protected]. Be sure to include two written samples that can be published immediately. Links to these samples are preferred but attachments are acceptable



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