Rapper Joe Dirte Claims He Now Has Trill Sammy's Chain!! Shows It On The Gram!! [Video]

A video posted by Joe Dirtè (@joedirtmc) on

Rapper Trill Sammy was performing at a concert in North Caroline when his chain was snatched. Although the chain snatcher was said to be rapper Lito Bandz, a rapper by the name of Joe Dirtè says he has the chain and if Trill Sammy wants it he can come get it. In a video posted to his Instagram, Joe Dirtè shows Trill Sammy's chain next to a gun with him taunting Trill Sammy in the background by saying, "Tell Trill Sammy if he wants his chain back, the real ni**as got it... waiting on him."
It seemed as though the chain incident was almost solved when Soulja Boy stepped in to help Trill Sammy get his chain back, but as of now, it looks like that isn't the case.
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