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VIDEO: Female SteelMill Worker Turns IG Model After Butt Surgery!! See The Transformation!!

(from UK Daily Mirror)

A steel worker is forging a career as a plus-size model - using her surgically enhanced 50-inch butt.
Patricia Washington, 31, hopes to escape her tough life in a Detroit steel mill, where she is the only woman on the work floor.
Growing up in the impoverished US city, Patricia witnessed her mother’s murder when she was just eight.

But now, thanks to her voluptuous figure, she is shooting for a life as an international model - and has already got more than 150,000 followers on Instagram.
She said: "Working at the factory is living, but not living.
"For the past few years I have pretty much lived my life like a caged animal just being used to the same old things and not experiencing everything this world has to offer.
"Now my ambition is to be free."
Desperate to achieve her dream, she decided to undergo surgery to enhance her figure.
First she dieted to shed the pounds from her 20 stone frame before spending thousands on a butt enlargement procedure using fat harvested from her thighs, stomach, back and arms.
The result was a ‘Coke bottle' figure giving her measurements of 38-28-50.
With new confidence she applied for America’s Next Top Model five years ago but didn't get past the third round.
Deflated she gave up - only to see it reignited by a spontaneous night out one year ago.
She said: "One of my girlfriends invited me out to a club because I was working hard and needed to chill out and have fun.
"I went shopping and bought some clothes and got my make-up done. Some pictures were taken of me and posted on Instagram and that next morning my followers tripled.
"I got contacted by a photographer and he told me I had a great look that other girls didn't have and he invited me to Miami.
"I went to Miami and shot my first photo shoot and it was published in one of the top urban magazines."
These days Patricia boasts more than 165,000 followers on Instagram, works as a model and helps hosts glitzy parties as far away as London and Dubai.
She has also been invited to Hong Kong and South Africa to work with clothes designers.
Patricia always visited a bona-fide plastic surgeon but she is aware that many women are risking their lives to get her look by using illegal 'butt shots' where non-surgical silicone is used by unqualified surgeons.

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