Chicago Rapper Shot After Eating At Roscoe's IN LA!! Happened To BBandz A Week Before PNB Rock

Street Execs Rapper No Plug Supposedly Shot Bankroll Fresh!!!! [UPDATE]

“Well I just wanted to let you all know what exactly happened. The homicide was between street execs artist Skully (aka No Plug) and Bankrollfresh) . A fight took place in the studio and they ran off with bankroll’s gun . He chased them and when he got outside they started firing at him . There were soo many gun shells because both sides were firing shots outside.” – Instagram 

OK, so the streets are talking and what they are saying is that TRU rapper Skooly was to blame for the events that took Bankroll Fresh's life.  No he didn't pull the trigger but sources are saying that he grew up with Skully aka No Plug, or atleast grew up in the same neighborhood as him.  I guess there was previous beef between No Plug and Bankroll, over a stolen chain, and things boiled over when Skooly knowingly brought No Plug to the studio while Bankroll was recording.

A fight broke out between the camps and during the scuffle Bankroll dropped his gun. The rest of the story is sketchy at best but from the sounds of it, after No Plug  picked up Bankroll's gun he left the studio and Bankroll and others followed. Once outside shots rang out, over 50 shots were confirmed and Bankroll Fresh was shot.

Skooly is now under fire because unnamed witnesses say that when everyone fled the scene, he fled in the same car with No Plug.

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  1. they know who killed that man

  2. Right. Skooley did that shit on Purpose

  3. punk ass niggas.Bankroll said it the best way possible I CANT FUCK WITH NO FAKE ASS NIGGA


  5. Scooly dead ass gs I can't fuck with your music if you cause some fuck nigga shit like this listen to your own lyrics yfn shit I wonder why y'all niggas so fake!!!!!!!


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