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FIGHT NIGHT: Mayweather Will Fight Andre Berto For His Final Fight?!?!

Floyd and Berto

(from Smoking Section)

Floyd Mayweather’s so-called final fight will come against… Andre Berto? This, according to Michael Woods of the Sweet Science. Thus far, there’s no confirmation from Mayweather’s camp, but Woods said that the fight will be on CBS. That likely means less money for Mayweather, who’s the undisputed pay-per-view champ.

Now, as for Mayweather’s opponent, Andre Berto, he’s no slouch. At 30-3, he’s a formidable opponent with tons of knockout power. But with Amir Khan and Keith Thurman waiting in the wings, this feels more like Floyd trolling boxing fans, which is something he’s been known to do from time to time.

All in all, fans could not and should not have expected much from Mayweather with this fight. He’s ramping up for his 50th bout, the one that will put him ahead of the great Rocky Marciano. If he chooses another “less-than” competitor there, well, there’s not much to say about his 50-0 legacy. He’ll have tarnished it with cupcakes.

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