RUMOR REPORT!! Meek Mill's Baby Mama Just Got Caught Stealing Food From The Grocery Store!!

(from Allhiphop)

It’s hard out here. Apparently Meek Mill’s baby mama, Fatimah Raheem, eventually plead guilty to retail theft, under a deal with the Montgomery County Pa. District Attorney’s Office. A ShopRite security guard caught her on camera leaving the store without paying for two $6.99 containers of hot food from the buffet and $2.50 bag of frozen pineapples. The woman had had two small children with her when she stole the food.
Although she did pay for some items at the self-service checkout, police said she moved the frozen pineapples and hot food directly from her cart into a shopping bag. She left the store, but cops were able to track her down because she used her price plus rewards card for the stuff she actually paid for. According to Hip Hop Wired, Meek Mill’s son’s mother initially denied ever being at ShopRite, and then claimed someone else used her rewards card. But cops compared surveillance footage to her driver’s license. Allegedly, she asked if she could just pay back ShopRite the $17 for the stolen merch, but the store’s management wanted to press charges. Dang!



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