STREET STORIES: The Real Freeway Ricky Ross Was Just Caught Carrying Over 100k In Cash!!

Former drug kingpin Ricky Ross, seen in New York City in June.

Former drug kingpin Freeway Ricky was arrested over the weekend after he was caught carrying over $100,000, according to the authorities.

The 55-year-old was charged with suspicion of possessing drug money & suspicion of conspiring to commit a crime last week in the confines of the Emerald Triangle in California. The area is infamously known for it's mass marijuana production since the 1960's.

Freeway Ricky - who is no longer in custody - addressed the arrest with a Facebook post yesterday, calling it "another attempt to drag my name through the mud." He is currently touring the nation to promote his book, "The Untold Autobiography," after serving a lengthy prison sentence for selling cocaine to a police informant back in '96.

Freeway's manager, Tiffany Gaines, spoke to us exclusively and let us know the charges have been dropped.

NY Daily News


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