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ALBUM FLOP?!?! Kanye West's The Life Of Pablo Fails To Reach The Billboard Charts!!

(from 2dopeboyz)
So... after the Twitter shenanigans, the multiple album changes, the leaked songs, and the massive fashion showcase at Madison Square Garden, Kanye West's much-ballyhooed seventh album The Life Of Pablo arrived on Valentine's Day 2016... and thus far, it still has not made a dent in the Billboard charts.

What gives?

This could all be attributed to a myriad of reasons. The most obvious scapegoat is TIDAL: the website — which West has given the exclusive streaming rights to — inexplicably does not report its streams to Nielsen Music, thus unable to count toward total units and Billboard's chart rankings. Not to mention, West allowed the project to be downloaded for free upon its initial release (that option was removed, and at the moment listeners can only stream the album in its entirety). However — and because the Internets — the album set records for illegal downloads from various Torrent sites.

(Imagine the total number of illegal downloads when one factors in the other means of such tactic...)
It's not entirely bad, however. According to TMZ, The Life Of Pablo is single-handedly responsible for an exponential increase in subscribers to roughly 2.5 million, way up from original reports of around 1 million subscribers.TMZ also reports that while there has been discussion for a possible physical release of the album, nothing is set in stone yet.

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