Mixtape: Icy Duck (@ICY__DUCK) - Spittin & Tippin (Hosted By @DJYungRel)

First and foremost before Bundy kicks this off shoutout Sam Hoody for always sending some shit through that have Bundy like DAMN! It's truly not a pleasure to report that Bundy knew nothing of Icy Duck and he has been holding his head high knowing he knew all the hottest artist on the come up. He missed Icy Duck, hailing from the aforementioned Westside of Chicago, Duck is that deal. Can't speak for everybody but Bundy need some shit to t'up to and as soon as he pressed play, he had to hear more. No you won't like every song he drops, but you will have some that are undeniable heat! Got a hot ass joint from Icy Duck entitled "Spittin & Trippin" hosted by DJ Yung Rel. Bundy not gon blog you to death, check bro out and do your best to pay attention to Icy Duck, gotta feeling bout shorty.


 Icy Duck  - Spittin & Tippin

01 Icy Duck - Riot
 02 Icy Duck - FTO
 03 Icy Duck - Im Rollin
 04 icy Duck - Successful
05 Icy Duck - 56 Nights
06 Icy Duck - Ghetto Symphony
 07 Icy Duck - Party
 08 Icy Duck - Gotta Lotta
09 Icy Duck - Same Ole White Girl
 10 Icy Duck - UONO
11 Icy Duck - Young Niggaz
12 Icy Duck - Keep It Real

Bun Johnson

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