NEWS!! Tupac's Stepfather Mutulu Shakur Released From Prison!! [UPDATE]

(from XXL) Less than a month after Jamie Hector (better known as Marlo from The Wire) was cast as Tupac Shakur’s stepfather in the rapper’s biopic All Eyez on Me, the man himself, Mutulu Shakur, has been released from prison after serving half of a 60 year sentence, The Journal News reports.

The news comes as a bit of a surprise to those familiar with Shakur’s case, a 1981 robbery of a Brinks armored-car that left two police officers and a security guard dead. “I am disappointed the system doesn’t seem to hold people accountable for their actions,” Rockland County Undersheriff Robert Van Cura said. “He was someone who was violent, responsible for death and terror for people living in the metropolitan region.” The robbery took place in Rockland County, where $1.8 million was stolen from the truck at the since-rebuilt Nanuet Mall.

Shakur was released on Wednesday (Feb. 10) from a high-security facility in Victorville, California, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ website. Shakur was sentenced in 1988 for orchestrating robberies as part of a revolutionary group known as “The Family,” comprised of Black Liberation Army members and former members of the Weather Underground and other violent groups. He was sentenced to 60 years for, among other charges, operating a criminal enterprise and had been accused of participating in 12 robberies between 1976 and 1981.


A couple of hours ago a news outlet announced the early release of Mutulu Shakur, the father and stepfather of Mopreme and 2Pac, respectively, who'd supposedly served half of his 60-year prison sentence. Mutulu - born Jeral Wayne Williams - was found guilty of being the mastermind behind the 1981 Brinks armored-car robbery where three Nyack law enforcement officials were killed.
Shakur, now 65, was allegedly released yesterday from Victorville Penitentiary, but his son Mopreme has just told VladTV otherwise. Tupac's stepbrother claims his father is "supposed to be out but he's not out yet," and they're currently "dealing with that s**t now."



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