Juelz Santana Just Lost His Home To Forclosure!! Will Be Sold At Sheriff Auction!!

So this is why that Juelz Santana comeback is allegedly in the works. The Dipset rapper reportedly has lost his New Jersey condo to foreclosure and it will be sold at a sheriff’s sale. Reportedly, Juelz is in the hole for almost $700,000 after not making a mortgage payment for nearly three years.

 Reports Bossip:
A judge issued a final foreclosure judgment against Juelz April 22, and his 2,300 square foot condo – in the same development where the Notorious BIG once lived – will be sold at a sheriff’s sale.

 Juelz had 10 days to respond to the foreclosure action, but blew it off, according to court records. Juelz, who was born LaRon James, took out a $486,000 mortgage 11 years ago to pay the $540,000 price tag on the condo. But Wells Fargo said in court papers that he stopped paying the $3,754 a month mortgage in November 2013. The bank sued him soon after, and the “Beamer, Benz or Bentley” rapper will soon be thrown out of the luxury condo in a private community in northern New Jersey.

In total, the Dip Set rapper owes $688,219, plus $7,000 in lawyers’ fees. If Juelz wasn’t paying the mortgage, he might not have been paying the monthly common charges either, allegedly.

Recently, via the clip below, the “Clockwork” rapper announced his return to the game. His last project, God Will’n, was released in 2013.


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