The Chop Shop Episode 3 w/ Ears Da Christ!! He Hustled With Alpo, Beefed With Wayne Perry And Made It To Tell His Story!! [Podcast]

This week on The Chop Shop podcast, hosts M. Rex and Ryan “Free” Smith sit down for an exclusive talk with former DC D-Boy extraordinaire Ears Da Christ. Repping Northeast DC--Trinidad to be exact--Ears came up from robbing vending machines up and down the eastern seaboard to being a major player on the lucrative DC coke scene of the late 80’s and early 90’s, at the tender age of 16. He dealt directly with the infamous Alberto “Alpo” Martinez and has insider info about legends like Rayful Edmond, Wayne Perry, Griselda Blanco & sons and more. This week’s Chop Shop is pretty much Paid In Full 2: The DC Years.

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