NEWS: Podcast Host Taxstone Posts 500k Bail After Being Arrested in Connection to Irving Plaza Shooting!! [Video]

On MLK Day, Brooklyn personality Taxstone (born Daryl Campbell) was arrested after he was allegedly linked to the gun used in last May’s Irving Plaza shooting that resulted in one fatality and rapper Troy Ave’s arrest. Today, Taxstone, 31, bail is set to $500,000 after investigators found his DNA on the gun used in the shooting, according to DNAinfo. Police are also using comments he made on his podcast Tax Season against him.
“When I see you walking up with six dudes, bang-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba,” he said in the contested comments (Taxstone has been feuding with Troy Ave for years). “I want to embarrass somebody, and that’s why I started bullying Troy Ave, you know what I mean?”
Investigators believe Taxstone was in possession of the handgun that was used in the shooting. They say video footage shows Taxstone fleeing from the green room as he’s trailed by a person presumed to be Troy Ave. Taxstone has been charged with possession of a firearm by a felon and receiving a firearm by interstate commerce. -Spin



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